On A New Path

Where did all of the AboutVetMed Instagram posts go? They are still viewable on my other Instagram account, JanetCrosbyArt.

After years of trying to ‘keep it simple’ with just one social account, I now have two. Honestly, I hope I can manage it. I have fallen down maintaining just one account in the past. 😱

But Why?

I am doing a reboot of my aboutvetmed account for this fall with a focus on my animals, other animals (yours?), vetmed stuff, and raising funds to help animals in need. I will be partnering with veterinary and pet professionals and individuals to make a difference for pets in need.

There will be some overlap with art endeavors, but this way viewers can follow one or both accounts that best suits interests.

Find Me Here

My AboutVetMed Instagram is paired with this site: www.aboutvetmed.com.
My JanetCrosbyArt Instagram is paired with my art site: www.janetcrosby.com

I will be gearing up on this new pathway in September.

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Amazing Gracie

If you are in the mood for a wonderful kitty story (I mean, who isn’t?) on Instagram, be sure to check out @AmazeballsGracie on Instagram.

The Story Begins Here, Innocently Enough

The new kitty adoptee settles in at her forever home.

Regram @bethostern. My first day at home!

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The Backstory

The AmazeballsGracie account is started by my sister, who adopted the first installation of her Cat Lady Kit – a small gray cat named Gracie – on July 1, 2017. Fast forward 3 days later (hahaha), and two ‘foster’ kittens arrived.

Well, this was unexpected. Pookie and Pippa just rolled up!

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I say ‘foster’ because we all know where this is going, right? 😂

Pookie’s not ready to let me groom her yet. It’s ok, I can wait.

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Follow Along

Each photo is another page in a fun-to-read book of the newly minted Cat Lady. Thank you to all of the wonderful rescue and foster teams out there! Spay, Neuter, Adopt!

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