Update: This eBay auction has ended, thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned — future FUN fundraisers are planned! It has long been a dream of mine to raise money for animals in need by merging my love of veterinary medicine and my love of art. As a veterinarian and an artist, the time is now. On this blog, and on my Instagram account, I will be focusing on raising awareness[…]

I love birds, and I usually post something bird-related on social media on Fridays. This week, the focus is on feathers and art. My geese and chickens shed (molt) their feathers annually and that means lots of feathers around the yard. Feather Art I always collect the feathers for “someday” and I finally found a purpose for them. Making prints! Yesterday’s #FeatherFriday project: printing some cards 💌 I will have[…]