New Instagram Feed

I was hanging out with a friend who pulled up this site on her phone. She clicked on my Instagram photos in the sidebar. Ugh – the plugin code I had been using landed you on a messy intermediate (filled with ads) page. *embarrassing

So… I finally had the brainstorm to look for a better widget to display my Instagram feed. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective. 🙂

Meanwhile, #InstaQuincyGram

The wind blew the curtain here, so… #catbed #catsofinstagram #instaquincygram

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Fresh Face of Spring

We have had a few peeks of the sun here, a promise of what is to come. And this is what this adorable photo is — a hint of what is to come. A bigger story about goats, knitting, and soap will be posted soon.

Update: Here is the follow-up post – Goats, Coats, and Soaps

For now, here is a happy smile from a new baby of spring.

Baby Goat from Coyote Run Farms

Photo used with permission and courtesy of Coyote Run Farms. Thank you!