Cat Days of Summer

This has been a wild(fire) summer. I am eager for some sweet rain!

Barnie has spent most of his days just … you know, hanging out.

Barnie, Hanging Out

Stay cool, friends. ❤

Sharing Is Hard

Every morning my pets juggle and struggle for prime sunbeam location. I’ve posted a few photos on Instagram where the pets shared the sunbeams, sometimes successfully and sometimes not — here and here and here.

And the one time Quincy got the whole sunbeam thing backwards.

I Love You But…

The morning sun time is short. The window panes are skinny. This creates a pet-puzzle every morning.

Here is a closer look.





Then the sun moved on. The pets retreated to their favorite beds and couches.

Until tomorrow.

This can’t be comfortable

Have you ever looked at your peacefully sleeping pet and wondered how that pose could ever be comfortable? Especially getting up and moving afterwards?

Me too.

Exhibit A: Sleeping Argos


I wouldn’t be able to walk for several hours after waking if I slept like that. Barnie agrees.


Then there was a cookie-dispersal or other kitchen attraction, and dog bed occupations shifted. Purl grabbed this dog bed, but wasn’t fast enough(!), and had to split the bed with Barnie.




Finally Purl took off for the Best Dog Bed Ever, aka the couch.

Barnie rejoiced.