Invisi-Cat Shield, Reinvented

After near-daily Invisi-Cat Shield happenings in my home, Quincy (and Barnie) seemed to outgrow all that was fun with the shower curtain. No more of that kitten stuff.

Then, this morning, I came across this.


He was enjoying the nice morning sun. And he was waiting. I could hear his purring ramp up. Waiting to be discovered.


He can barely stand the suspense.



This is a better Invisi-Cat Shield. It comes with its own sunbeam. For today, anyway.

Cruel Victory

Way back when, it was Barnie who created the original Invisi-Cat Shield. Then Quincy arrived, and that was that – it became his Invisi-Cat Shield and Barnie moved on to other things. Or did he?

Turns out, the Invisi-Cat Shield is kind of irresistible, even to the dogs. This was the scene the other night.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

The Next Day

Some Barnie fluff is left on the outside of the Invisi-Cat Shield, with Quincy sitting innocently on the inside.