Goats, Coats, and Soaps

As promised when I posted this sweet photo of a new baby goat, here is the ‘rest of the story’ about goats, coats, and soaps.

Back in January, I spent a fun weekend with my friend and her sister Tracy. We have a lot in common, especially our love of knitting and goats. I learned that baby goats were soon to be born on Tracy’s farm, and with the wild and unpredictable winter-spring weather, she was knitting them ‘goat coats’ to keep them warm and protected. So I had to join in.

Baby Goat Coats

I volunteered to try knitting a baby goat coat, roughly in the shape of a dog coat, in approximately a ‘large puppy’ size.

I started off knitting the neck. That was the easy part.

Knitting a Goat Coat

So far, so good.

Since I did not have a puppy nearby to model and gauge my progress, I used my cat Barnie to check the fit of the growing goat coat.

Goat Coat on Barnie

Barnie is a hairy beast and was a little confused as to why I might be knitting him a wool sweater, but he was a good sport.

I finished the goat coat, but was in a hurry to mail it, so I didn’t get a final photo. I told Tracy that I was afraid the coat would be too small. But…it was a good learning experience anyway.

Then she sent me this photo, right after this baby goat was born.

Baby Goat Wearing His Coat

The goat coat fit! I was so pleased to see this photo.

And then this…

Baby Goat Running in Coat

I can barely stand the cuteness. Look at that sweet face. Those ears!  *love*

Goat Milk Soap

Tracy’s goats live the good life on green pastures and lots of love. And Tracy makes the most wonderful goat milk soap. Delicious scents and so moisturizing. I have tried several now and love them all. ❤

You can try out her soaps too! They can be found in Tracy’s Etsy store and web site store.

Cat Box Christmas

Barnie and Quincy’s favorite thing about the holidays?

Paws down, boxes. Boxes of so many shapes and sizes!

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com

Quincy especially loves boxes and thinks all of them belong to him.

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com

Barnie of course, loves boxes too. Sometimes he claims them first. Quincy is never far behind, though.

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com

Cat Box Christmas / AboutVetMed.com
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