Cast of Characters

This post is originally from the 2010 Blogathon

I started this blog a few months after I joined Twitter. I didn’t need another blog – I have my bead blog and there’s always lots to do at But this was just going to be a place to “expand” on topics discussed on Twitter and basically be a launch pad to what was going on at

But… as it often goes with blogging, you find your voice as time goes on.

The main voice that needed a place was Barnie. My sweet silent kitty I found in my barn in the spring of 2009. He was about 7 months old, completely matted, skinny and … silent. He can’t meow. Which somehow makes his expressions even cuter. He is kind of an “old soul” cat. He is playful and mischievous, but has a sense of wisdom too. He reminds me of my Great Cat Herman.

Barnie then:

Barnie being harassed by the geese.

Barnie now:

Next up, Sophie

Oh Sophie. She is everyone’s best friend. We adopted her from the shelter in 2002.


October 2013 update: Farewell, my sweet Sophie. We miss you so much, sweet girl.
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Then we have Argos the Greyhound

We adopted Argos from a local Greyhound rescue group in December 2009. He was huge – very tall. But thin. Yeah… yeah… Greyhounds are thin. But he was thin even for a Greyhound. His papers said 80 pounds, but hmmm. I took him to the clinic and we weighed in at a paltry 67 pounds. Poor baby!

Over this past year he has blossomed – his weight is now 82 pounds, and he is personality plus! Seeing him learn what toys are, how to play, and gaining that self confidence has been the most rewarding part of his adoption.

Best friend buddies
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Next up, Greta (and memories of Herman)
Sweet Greta. She came in the clinic over 18 years ago on Halloween, run over. She took most of the hit in her face – broken nose, broken teeth, and scratched up. We tried to find her a home after she recovered, but no takers. I had just adopted Herman (also brought in the clinic, run over, just 3 months prior). Things weren’t working out – young Herman was terrorizing Lucy (the siameseX in the header image), and my house was upside down. Adopting another cat might be asking for it. Or maybe it might work….? So Greta came home with me.

Greta and Herman instantly bonded and were buddies for life. They ignored Lucy. Everyone was happy. Sixteen years later, Herman suffered from kidney failure and hyperthyroidism. Greta pulled away from Herman in those last few months. Did she know? I don’t know, but we were all heartbroken at his passing. Greta lives on. She is very slow and sleeps most of her days.

Sleeping Greta


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Mr. Quincy

Quincy arrived in June 2010. He was a gift. It was a planned gift (we knew in advance), but not planned… if you know what I mean. Quincy is a Bengal – he came to us via the family of a very dear friend who has been dealt a difficult hand. We love him! He literally makes us Laugh Out Loud everyday. In between the “no! Quincy!” training sessions.

Quincy Nap

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And the newest addition to the cast: Purl (Formerly Burro)

Hammer was our first foster – he found a home. We decided to foster another Greyhound. Well, we didn’t “decide” so much as I felt so sorry for “Burro” after seeing her terrified-deer-in-the-headlights photo on her adoption page. Who would adopt that dog?

So we made a fairly fast, no-questions-asked decision to foster. It was only a short time later that we failed fostering, and Purl came to be ours in March of 2010.

I was telling my friend about “Burro,” and she misunderstood me, thinking I said “Pearl,” which of course I liked a lot better. We spell it Purl, since I love to knit. She didn’t mind. And she comes to Purl just as easily as Burro.

Purl then: she leaned on Argos

Purl now: she is her own dog! Very much a cookie-lovin’ dog.

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