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I posted my farewell to my beloved Sophie some weeks ago. I needed time and space to catalogue the medical journey. Due to low platelets (and lack of blood clotting ability), we were unable to reach a definitive diagnosis, but the news was not good. I knew that from the beginning. Besides the “knowing when it is time” question, there is the “knowing when enough is enough” question – diagnostics,[…]

First, my sincere gratitude for all of the kind comments on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter for my Farewell to Sophie post. I was overwhelmed, in a good way. Also in a healing way. It is hard though. When I read these types of posts from others, words seem so inadequate – I don’t have the right ones – or people say what I wish I had thought to say.[…]

It has taken me all day to write this post, and it will be short. At least until I have a little time to let things settle. Our family had to say goodbye to Sophie this week, and it has broken our hearts. I first noticed something amiss in August, very subtle, but not quite right. After an extensive workup, cancer was the likely culprit. I say ‘likely’ because other[…]