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Some days just call for an Invisi-Cat Shield. Quincy doesn’t like this one as well as his former Invisi-Cat Shield. This one is hard to see out of. But the sweet birds do make for good cover. rawwwr.

After near-daily Invisi-Cat Shield happenings in my home, Quincy (and Barnie) seemed to outgrow all that was fun with the shower curtain. No more of that kitten stuff. Then, this morning, I came across this. He was enjoying the nice morning sun. And he was waiting. I could hear his purring ramp up. Waiting to be discovered. He can barely stand the suspense. This is a better Invisi-Cat Shield. It[…]

The title really says it all, but I also wanted to say that I never ‘pose’ my pets. Everything just happens as it happens. I have no idea what Argos was doing as he tried to shimmy under the shower curtain aka the Invisi-Cat Shield. Then, as if on cue, Quincy races in to get control of the situation… Here’s how it happened