Barley Beats the Odds

Meet Barley

Oh, look at that face!

He lives a very happy life with his best friend Fonzi

Barley finds a way to celebrate every day

But then something happened…

And Barley spent a lot of time here

More About Barley

Barley is one of Dr. Sally Haddock’s dogs. I met Dr. Haddock when I was in New York for the 2012 Westminster Dog Show. I wrote about Dr. Haddock and shared a photo tour of her NYC clinic in February.

Dr. Haddock and I have stayed in touch and she recently shared a harrowing story about Barley.

Here are all the details on Barley Beats the Odds

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2 thoughts on “Barley Beats the Odds

  1. Tonya says:

    How scary!!! I’ll admit, I was afraid to click the link and read the story. The title helped somewhat though. It just goes to show you have to watch out for anything and everything with pets in the house! Barley is adorable, and I hope he has MANY happy, healthy years ahead.

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