All in a day’s work

Quincy is a mix of innocent curiosity and naughtiness. He spends his days sleeping and his nights and early mornings getting in all sorts of trouble.

A peek at a typical Quincy Day


Just minding his own business. Or is he?

Just a regular morning. Or is it?

Look closely...

When bored of the Invisi-cat Shield, there is always the Invisi-cat Couch.

Note: the black fabric is *supposed* to be attached to the underside of the couch. :-/

Bengals are known for their love of water. We fill up a sink or tub for him to play in, but of course the pet water dish is the most fun of all.

Every morning I find water, toys and 'stuff' in the dog water. I wonder why.

Let’s take a closer look. Apparently, the water tastes better if you give it a good swish or two.

Oh, how the kitties love their cat climber. It is a gym on a pole.

This cheap cat climber was the best investment ever. Hours of fun. And...


Since the cats run full tilt at this thing many times a day, I didn’t even look up as I was eating breakfast. But then I heard crashing and thrashing.

...apparently a way to get up on the teeny tiny valance rod, walk across, and lose your balance.

This makes for a very tired kitty.

Yep. All in a day's work.

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4 thoughts on “All in a day’s work

  1. julie g. says:

    Another ‘pee in the pants’ adventure of Quincy. Love him (and his coloring is phenomenal)!

  2. Tonya says:

    Good thing Quincy is so darn cute! 🙂 How can you be mad at a face like that? And water always tastes better after you’ve put your dirty paws in it, right? He’s just seasoning it for the dogs. Love, love, love the adventures of Quincy!

  3. AboutVetMed says:

    LOL Tonya – ‘seasoning’ the water. heehee

    I have found pens, various pieces of plastic, and twice now Quincy has found and carried an Exacto knife* (!) and dropped it in the water. I shudder to think what could have happened with that one.

    *the pencil-shaped one, from in my husband’s office upstairs.

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