Hour 15: Meet the Geese

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Waaay back at the Hour 1 post I introduced the house pets. That was so … yesterday.

Now meet a couple of my feathered friends.

Stepping out - Harold and Giselle

Harold is the orange beaked guy. He is a Tolouse goose. He was a rescue. Giselle, with the black beak, is his son (yeah, don’t ask – hard to tell the gender until they are big. Giselle was a good name at the time). He is a mix of Tolouse and Chinese Brown.

Giselle’s mom was Lydia – she was a very sweet goose. Sadly, we lost her to a weasel attack along with several chickens. 🙁 Our coop and aviary is the size of a small house, fully enclosed. Darn weasel slipped through a 2″ slit in the foundation of the coop. Now that is concrete.

Always together

It's good to have a buddy

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4 thoughts on “Hour 15: Meet the Geese

  1. TaxiLab says:

    They are so cute! Makes me want to have some but I think my yellow lab Dory would make them dinner, or at least try

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