Hour 9: A Different Kind of Bead Giveaway

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Meet Eva
As I wrote in Hour 3, I started making beads in 2003. I made more than I could use. They started to pile up. So I started selling them on eBay. Things have changed since then, but it was a booming bead market in those days. It was on eBay that I met Eva. Over the years, we exchanged a bazillion emails, song CDs and iTunes gift cards, and became great friends.

Where we differ
Eva picked up where I left off, only she does a way better job. I started making beads to have unique can’t-buy-in-the-bead-store pieces for jewelry. But once I started making beads, that was all I wanted to do. No time for jewelry making. Beads. Beads. Beads. Glass is completely mesmerizing for me.

Eva is super organized. I am not. She actually sketches out the most incredible drawings before she crafts the piece. These drawings are like architect drawings – suitable for a frame. I just lay components out on my work bench.

Where we are the same
Eva and I both love doing things for charity. Like DrV of Pawcurious, Eva is a HUGE Golden Retriever lover. Her much loved Goldens were the inspiration for Eva’s charity, Paws For A Good Cause. When Eva read that I was doing Blogathon 2010 to raise money for a service dog for a 4 year old boy, she wanted to help. And help she did! She submitted a guest post (stay tuned) and offered a prize, too.

How it works
To be entered in the drawing for one of these necklaces, you don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt or answer a quiz question. All it takes is a donation on behalf of our charity (donation widget in the sidebar, or go to pawcurious for more donation options).  The winner will get to pick their choice of one these three necklaces.

NOTE: your donation can be made on any of the blogs working to raise money for Bradyn’s service dog.

I am not collecting money. I don’t have a way to track donations, so this is kind of on the honor system. Unless you win. Then I ask that you email me verification of your donation.

Join the fun!
Any amount of donation is fine. If you have already donated, great! Thinking about it? Now’s the time. Please “add your name to the hat” by commenting below or email me directly. We will hold the drawing at 10am pacific time tomorrow. I will try to videotape the drawing and post it on Flickr for all to see the winner. 🙂

About the necklaces
Beads by me, the superior sterling silver and semi-precious stone construction by Eva. Cool photos by Eva, too. Teamwork gets it done! Learn more about lampwork beads and see how I make a glass bone bead (video) here.

We have a winner!

Check out the Blogathon Closing Post to see who won and other wrap-up info.

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28 thoughts on “Hour 9: A Different Kind of Bead Giveaway

  1. Stephanie B says:

    I donated this morning – I really hope we can raise enough to get Bradyn his dog! The necklaces are awesome!

    • AboutVetMed says:

      Thanks, Stephanie and Dr. Laci.

      I hope Eva can stop by with a more accurate answer, but I can say a lot of time. I have several of her pieces. Her attention to detail and durable construction make them a pleasure to wear!

  2. julie g. says:

    Donated (see private email). Sounds like you and Eva have a great friendship and we look forward to her blog. Nice work, ladies!

    • AboutVetMed says:

      Thanks for your email, Julie – got it! Eva is amazing. And… she is very talented with Photoshop, too. She did those cool Polaroid shots!

  3. eva says:

    *blushing* Aw, thanks for making me sound better than I really am! lol. I don’t really sketch out everything. Sometimes I play with a bunch of components and colors on my worktable and design from there.

    Thanks Dr Laci! How long it takes depends on the piece. Sometimes, it takes days, sometimes it takes an hour. It helps when you have great beads like Janet’s to inspire you! 🙂

  4. eva says:

    Hi Vicky, anytime during the 24 hours the blogathon is on that you donate for Bradyn, you get a chance to win. The more, the merrier! 🙂

    Also, this will arrive wrapped up nice n’ pretty, ready for gift-giving to whoever wins.

  5. hope says:

    I love the details on the clasps.

    Dr. Crosby – I received one of your beads last year during Dr. V’s blogathon. It’s still on my key chain and is as gorgeous as ever!

    • AboutVetMed says:

      Yay! Those bones are pretty tough – dangling with keys, being dropped, etc. They break sometimes, but glad yours is still looking good.

  6. Lisa says:

    So pretty!
    I, too, have one of your beads from Dr. V’s blogathon last year — a sweet little kitty cat. Love it.

  7. Tonya says:

    Off to make my donation right now. 🙂 Your beads are really awesome, and I love that you’re giving us a chance to win one for such a good cause. Thank you!

  8. HeatherBoBeather says:

    JANET! Hey, I just got caught up on all the blog posts you wonderful peeps have been doing for the last 20 some hrs. Very fun reads. It was nice to read your kids stories again too. I hope Bradyn gets his Brody!

    • AboutVetMed says:

      Yo HeatherBoBeather! Where’s my chocolate?! 😀 (Kidding. Well, not really. We’ll talk later…! heehee)

  9. AboutVetMed says:

    Huge THANK YOU everyone – thanks for your comments Dr Shawn, Spyder, Lisa, TaxiLab, Tamara and Nancy!

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