Blogpaws was a BLAST

Wow. I thought I would be able to find a few minutes(?) to post here while in Columbus, Ohio, for the first ever pet blogger conference (, but every minute was packed. Packed! Many fun memories and lots of laughs. I did manage to tweet a few details and photos during the weekend, though.

I met so many wonderful people. Soooo many! Too many to mention here, because you know I will forget a name, and that would not be good. But you know who you are. Great meeting all of you! 🙂

A blogger was born. My friend Heather came to blogpaws to see what it was all about. She made the jump to get a domain name (or was it 5 domain names?!) and start a blog. Watch this space for details.

To top it off, I met a long time friend of mine for the first time. Through a lucky chain of events, I was able to extend my stay in Columbus by one day. This is a friend I have known only via email since 1997. The friend who pushed me (more than once) to apply for the Vet Med position at The Mining Company, now known as  That was in 1998. How awesome! We had a lot of talking and catching up to do. I am thrilled to have met her and her husband in person. Finally.

I am now sitting here, blissfully tired. The plan was to get a jump start on the work week. Unfortunately, my brain is moving in slow-mo. Maybe a nap will fix?

For now, here is a video made by my pal @FrugalDougal (who came over from the UK for blogpaws!) that really summarizes what my friends and Blogpaws are all about.

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6 thoughts on “Blogpaws was a BLAST

  1. Peggy says:

    Fantastic video! Long, but worth every second! I wish I could have been at Blogpaws, what a great event. Best to all involved.

  2. Ashley says:

    It was wonderful to get to meet you at BlogPaws! You were seriously one of the people I was most looking forward to meeting! Nikki & I were so excited to get to go and it went way beyond our expectations. I can’t wait for next year’s conference!

  3. AboutVetMed says:

    Roxanne, Ashley and Nikki – it was so wonderful to meet in person, wasn’t it? Peggy, save the date for next year!

    I forgot to mention in this post that I was fortunate to spend some time at the Ohio State Greyhound Medicine Program prior to blogpaws, which was ah-mazing! Can’t wait to write all of that info up.

    I still feel that I have so much more to digest and write up about blogpaws. I wrote this post in a time of tired brainmush. 😉

    More later! For now, get your challenge on – See what DrV is cooking up now. Special PawParty this Saturday. I have donated some beads to the cause, and working on my challenge ideas…

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