Barnie and Quincy Celebrate National Cat Day

October 29th has been designated National Cat Day. I’ll be honest. Every day is Cat Day at my house.

Barnie and Quincy welcome each new Cat Day sometime between 12am to 3 am, chasing each other up and down the stairs, running crazy through the house, and finding loud or crinkly things to play with.

Then they retire for the next 20 or so hours, each day spent much like this:


Purl is left to wonder…

How do your cats celebrate National Cat Day?



Yay for Friday!

Gracie knows how to live in the moment!

Next week, October 12 – 18, 2014 is National Veterinary Technician Week

  • Veterinary staff – How do you say ‘thank you’ to your veterinary technicians?
  •  Vet techs – What makes your day extra fun, hard, rewarding?
  • Clients – Have you had an opportunity to see a vet tech in action or learned something from a vet tech?

Share your story, appreciation, and tips for celebrating vet techs in the comments below or on the AboutVetMed Facebook page for possible inclusion in an upcoming article celebrating vet techs on the Veterinary Medicine site. Thank you!

Vet techs hard at work, inserting an IV catheter in a dog for IV fluid administration.
Vet techs hard at work, inserting an IV catheter in a dog for IV fluid administration.

Crow Show

I have had many chickens over the years, including several roosters. I love their showiness and protectiveness of their flock. All of them have been nice, except… this one. Shep was lovingly hand-raised, not sure where he developed such extreme bravado that he feels he needs to jump anyone who dares to come too close.

He is always strutting his stuff.


He will appear to mind his own business, but he is always lurking, waiting. He scratches and carries on with all of his busyness, showing off just how showy he is.


My cat Barnie loves to go outside, so I purchased a harness so we could go for “walks.” He comes running when he sees me grab his leash. He loves these outings! This fine sunny morning though, he had reason to pause.


A new audience! Shep got right on that. He immediately came over, ready to show Barnie (and me, for the eleventymillionth time) how important he is.


Here is a video of Shep being “busy” as Barnie approached.

It was a careful introduction. Barnie really wasn’t too interested, but Shep demanded attention.


In the end though, Barnie had one thing on his mind.

Dust bath!