New Day

On this day back in 1999, my veterinary medicine site went live on That was 112 dog-years ago, and was known as The Mining Company. The Internet was a baby back then, Google hadn’t even been born yet.* I learned a lot during those years, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people – online and in real life – during those years.

Now it is time to move on.

It was tough and took many weeks of pondering, but I made the choice to start fresh and refocus. I have many ideas in the works and that in itself is energizing. In the meantime, I guess I should figure out how LinkedIn works.

Watch this space for new pet posts, articles, and photos. Thank you for all of the wonderful support at over the years!

Here is my goodbye newsletter from Veterinary Medicine @

*Update: My dear husband just informed me that I made a mistake. Google was born September of 1998. I started training at The Mining Company in December 1998. I stand corrected. Google was not on my radar during those early days. Alta Vista, anyone?


Math Homework

My daughter hates math. It wasn’t my favorite subject, either. The only thing worse than having to do math homework is losing your math homework.

Sometimes things just seem to disappear…



Slithering Around the Christmas Tree

♫ What a happy holiday…

My daughter and I were getting ready to decorate the tree when we found this.

Quincy, lounging along the lower branches. He then proceeded to slither around the tree.


Sensing he wasn’t in serious trouble, he paused to sample a branch.
(Doesn’t he know by now that eating Christmas trees is a bad idea?)


Naughty Mr. Q!


About that time, Barnie wandered in and sat under the tree, which did not go unnoticed.


Every few inches, Quincy stopped to “rest,” acting completely “comfortable” and… innocent.