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A look back, a look ahead


Quincy, in a serious moment

Looking Back

March marked my 15th year with I started training in December 1998 and went live on the site, then called The Mining Company, on March 4, 1999.

Looking Forward

I am still here at I am happy to report that many exciting design changes are in the works (finally, right?!). I am most excited about photos. Large, beautiful photos. Changes are rolling out over the next few months. Some are already in place, like the new home page at

I plan on doing more “behind the scenes” veterinary clinical photos in the coming year. Anything you would like to see? Please post a comment.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Day of Love

Quincy says: “happy Love Your Pets day!”


Medical Epilogue – Sophie’s Story

I posted my farewell to my beloved Sophie some weeks ago. I needed time and space to catalogue the medical journey. Due to low platelets (and lack of blood clotting ability), we were unable to reach a definitive diagnosis, but the news was not good. I knew that from the beginning.

Besides the “knowing when it is time” question, there is the “knowing when enough is enough” question – diagnostics, treatments, medications, and so on. As medicine advances, there is always something more to do. I drew the line early in this journey, knowing that Sophie had a remarkably healthy and happy almost-12 years with us. One more week or month wasn’t going to get her to a healthier or happier state, just further down the path. The path that I did not want to go on.

As promised in my farewell post, here is Sophie’s medical workup report, for those who want to read the rest of the story.

Always smiling

Always smiling Sophie        January 2002 – October 2013