Invisi-Cat Shield, Reinvented

After near-daily Invisi-Cat Shield happenings in my home, Quincy (and Barnie) seemed to outgrow all that was fun with the shower curtain. No more of that kitten stuff.

Then, this morning, I come across this.


He was enjoying the nice morning sun. And he was waiting. I could hear his purring ramp up. Waiting to be discovered.


He can barely stand the suspense.



This is a better Invisi-Cat Shield. It comes with its own sunbeam. For today, anyway.

No Lilies For Kitties!

A few years ago, I wrote about Lily Toxicity in Cats on

I am glad that this topic is getting more coverage these days since lilies are a common component of florist bouquets – delivered arrangements and the flowers you find in the grocery store.

Pet Poison Helpline has launched a No Lilies for Kitties! page, and it is filled with great information, including free downloadable graphics and information and a 1-minute video outlining the deadly dangers of this beautiful family of flowers.

From Dr. Ahna Brutlag at Pet Poison Helpline:

Did you know that Easter, stargazer, tiger, etc. lilies are fatally toxic to cats? Less than 30% of cat owners do. Please, please read and share. Every year so many cats die from lily poisoning and, with a little knowledge, it’s completely preventable.

Please check out No Lilies For Kitties! and share with your friends.


Quincy, lover of flower arrangements, is not pleased with this message.

-Photo by Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM