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This can’t be comfortable

Have you ever looked at your peacefully sleeping pet and wondered how that pose could ever be comfortable? Especially getting up and moving afterwards?

Me too.

Exhibit A: Sleeping Argos


I wouldn’t be able to walk for several hours after waking if I slept like that. Barnie agrees.


Then there was a cookie-dispersal or other kitchen attraction, and dog bed occupations shifted. Purl grabbed this dog bed, but wasn’t fast enough(!), and had to split the bed with Barnie.




Finally Purl took off for the Best Dog Bed Ever, aka the couch.

Barnie rejoiced.


The Reindogs

Back in November, Dr. Cathy King (founder of WorldVets), posted this photo on my Facebook page. This adorable and funny dogs-wearing-reindeer-hats photo was subsequently posted eleventy more times by other friends.

I loved it, and took it on as a personal challenge — to knit reindeer hats for my two Greyhounds, Argos and Purl.

It started out innocently enough.


Purl wasn’t so sure.


I did the neck part first, followed by the hood, then the ears, and finally the tiny reindeer horns.


At last they were ready! A reindeer hat for Purl, and one for Argos too.


Argos remembered back in the pre-Purl days of 2010, when he had a different reindeer costume.


Purl came around soon enough though, realizing that this could be fun.




They took their new roles seriously. Flying around the world, they added a little Greyhound speed and power to Santa’s sleigh.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it was all over. Back to regular life.


Reindogs10-2013-12-25-08.53.54Sniffing sniffs, lazy dog stretches, and just laying around.

Until next year…


Fiery Fall

I live in a four-season climate. I am probably in the minority here, but I’ll say it: Fall is my least favorite season of all. It is usually marked by cold winds and rain, the leaves turning quickly from green to brown. Mud everywhere.

One year, the green leaves froze ON the trees then cracked off to the ground. Nothing pretty about that. Fall is tough around here.

This year has been different though. Summer is leaving quietly, with many blue-sky sunny days and mild temperatures, allowing the leaves to turn several shades of beautiful this year. If it wasn’t for the frosty mornings and the sun setting at 6 pm-ish(!), you could almost still think “summer.”

While at a friend’s house recently, I was swallowed up in trees and the fiery colors of fall.

Look at that! Beautiful!


I was inspired. I was moved. Moved even to steal some of that fiery beauty (sorry, Heather) and bring some of those leaves home to my farm out in the rolling wheat field country.


Hmmm. Not quite the same.


Shep the rooster, who is always “around” and in everyone’s business, spied me taking the ‘leaves and barn’ photo. As per his usual, he pretends to be busily pecking and scratching at the ground. If you let your guard down or appear “threatening,” even for a second, he is there, ready to pounce on you, beautiful leaves or not.

I decide to go in the house. Quincy is first on the scene.


Nothing but nothing gets past Quincy. He greets me at the door and demands to sniff out this new… what are these things, anyway?

He decides to check out Purl, who came to check out what was so interesting.



I was especially dreading fall this year, knowing that our family would be saying goodbye to Sophie at some point. These more-beautiful-than-the-usual-fall-season days have helped ease our transition.