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Everyday Superhero

The day after a day blizzard, Quincy finds his true calling.


The Stair Master

You may have seen the You Shall Not Pass, Dog video making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. I watched it, and was laughing and nodding in agreement — the power that cats have over dogs.

This recurring theme is definitely true in my house — everything from Barnie and Quincy owning the dog beds to the Invisi-Cat Shield saga. And now, cat control over the stairs.

Stairway to Trouble

One of Quincy’s favorite things is to exercise his control over the dogs. In this scene, he realized that he was in prime position to block Argos from coming down the stairs when I called him to go out for a walk.

Here is how it unfolded.

StairMaster5-2013-09-13-09.48.50(photo a little blurry here – I was laughing too hard)


This impasse wasn’t going to be over anytime soon. I had to rescue Argos. Quincy knew the game was over as I made my way up the stairs.


In case you missed it, here is the “You shall not pass, dog” video:

Creature Comforts

In this house, like so many dog-cat households, the cats have no problem taking over the dog beds. Quincy learned this from a very young age. Sometimes though, it is the simple things. Like a piece of tissue paper.

Quincy claims that, too.

I was busy over at my art table, preserving the Ginkgo leaves I had dried and pressed over the last few days.


I looked up to see this scene. Awww… sweet little Quincy, taking a cat nap in the sun. Peaceful.


Everything sweet and cozy, that is, until Barnie entered the room.


Barnie prepares to hop on the chair, but the Quincy Stare tells Barnie to vacate.


Really, Quincy?