Cruel Victory

Way back when, it was Barnie who created the original Invisi-Cat Shield. Then Quincy arrived, and that was that – it became his Invisi-Cat Shield and Barnie moved on to other things. Or did he?

Turns out, the Invisi-Cat Shield is kind of irresistible, even to the dogs. This was the scene the other night.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

The Next Day

Some Barnie fluff is left on the outside of the Invisi-Cat Shield, with Quincy sitting innocently on the inside.

Barnie’s Thoughts on Thumbs

A while ago, Quincy posted some things he would do if he had thumbs. Barnie was thoughtful in his approach; and with his outdoor/feral background, it took some time.

First off, a practical thought: getting out burrs (after running outside) would be much easier!

Of course, if he could plan when he went out, he could avoid the stormy rainy nights and steer clear of burrs and stuff.

And when Mr. Quincy is pushing his every last button…

Barnie was the inventor of the Invisi-Cat Shield, only to be claimed permanently by Quincy.

Still a hunter by nature, Barnie could do what it takes to get all insect intruders.

But most of all, Barnie loves hanging with his family, cozy inside. No worries about rain, burrs, snow or lack of food any more.