About Me

I am the Guide to Veterinary Medicine on About.com where I have written about veterinary medicine, pets and vet news since 1999.

This site has been a few years in the making.  I kept going back-and-forth, since I didn’t want to duplicate my about.com site content and my time is always short. (And honestly, sometimes writing ideas are precious and few.)

Since joining Twitter though, I have met so many fascinating people and learned so many new things that I wanted to have a place where I could write a little more than 140 characters now and then. I also want to be able to spotlight friends, web sites and business that I enjoy.

You can read my about.com bio here and follow me on Twitter here.


A Little About Me
I am happily married and the mom of two fab kids – a son and a daughter. We live out in the rolling wheat fields on a little farm, but aren’t farmers. Just like living out here.

barred-rockGlass Rooster Bead

I have them. I love them. The animals in the header graphic are all of my pets – past and present intermingled. Baxter, the Collie, was my heart dog. I adopted him from WSU when I was in vet school. The cat in the sidebar is Herman Roosevelt Quinn. Sweet memories. And, as many of you know, I love chickens! I love them in real life and I love making chicken beads. I have several photos of my pets – dogs, cats, chickens and geese on my TwitPic photo page.

Art Life
I have a life-long love and fascination (some would say obsession) with glass and beads. Now that I am a grownup, I have my own flaming propane-oxygen torch to melt glass rods and make my own beads. I love it. Making beads is mesmerizing for me. You can view samples of my work and learn more about the bead making process (called lampworking or flameworking) on my glass bead site.

In February 2010, I learned to knit, thanks to a friend in NYC who said “just go on YouTube – you can learn to knit!” So I did. And now I finally get what is so addicting about yarns. The colors, the textures, how they feel when you knit with them.



Mr Blanca shows off

Mr. Blanca - best rooster ever. RIP