A Really Good Walk

Dogs are so easy to please. A coat (for Greyhounds) + my time to go for a walk = happiness.

The site of a Really Interesting Sound

The site of a Really Good Smell

The Really Good Smell captured their attention for about 30 seconds! All I could see were some deer tracks. Thank goodness no one found anything to snack on.

That would have ended the Really Good Walk quickly.

2 Responses to A Really Good Walk

  1. You have that much snow already?! I am so not looking forward to snow! It’s pretty to look at though. I just love Purl’s pink coat! That is awesome!


    • Well we DID, but thank goodness it is gone now. :) It was kind of a surprise – snowed for about 4 days, then all went away. I am sure more is on the way, as I continue to countdown to spring.