Barnie Gets the Last Laugh

The other night Quincy claimed a box on the banister as his very own. And OK, I am not the superbest housekeeper – a few days later the box is still there, waiting for recycling.

Or another cat…

This is the scene I discovered

Quincy’s nose wrinkles up when he is really concentrating. And he is really concentrating.

And so it goes.

3 Responses to Barnie Gets the Last Laugh

  1. First, I love that you still have the box there, waiting for recycling. So me!
    Just like with the dog beds, possession is 9/10 of the law. Sorry, Quincy!


  2. Boxes are such a dilemma. I might need it as a ‘box’ (not broken down) and cardboard always needs to be recycled. So there it sits. :-/ The cats are happy though.


  3. We always recycle boxes at our house…after they’ve provided hours of fun for the kittehs! That’s just the way it goes in a cat house ;)