Snow Day

Yesterday I wrote about Winterizing our Pets. Winter is on the way, but hadn’t made a full appearance yet. A dreary day lapsed into a blustery rainy cold night. Dark!

A few hours later, we woke up to this…

Brrrr and beautiful
Then the snow started up again
Barnie wanted outside now!
Quincy did too.
But alas, they couldn't go outside.
Lucky dogs. They got to go outside and check it out.

Argos and Sophie zoom around in early dawn snow

It was early and still pretty dark out, so the video is a little blurry.

Argos is ready to go back inside.
Maybe the cats don't have it so bad after all...

3 Responses to Snow Day

  1. WOW! I couldn’t imagine waking up to snow in November! If we get any it’s usually in Jan or Feb and it’s mainly ice. :)


  2. SO not looking forward to that here! But it does look beautiful at your place. Sophie and Argos seem to love it too!


  3. We had a few snowflakes in October, but nothing that ‘stuck’ until now. The dogs love it. I do too, but have now had my fill. Ready for spring. heh ;-)