This can’t be comfortable

Have you ever looked at your peacefully sleeping pet and wondered how that pose could ever be comfortable? Especially getting up and moving afterwards?

Me too.

Exhibit A: Sleeping Argos


I wouldn’t be able to walk for several hours after waking if I slept like that. Barnie agrees.


Then there was a cookie-dispersal or other kitchen attraction, and dog bed occupations shifted. Purl grabbed this dog bed, but wasn’t fast enough(!), and had to split the bed with Barnie.




Finally Purl took off for the Best Dog Bed Ever, aka the couch.

Barnie rejoiced.


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A look back, a look ahead


Quincy, in a serious moment

Looking Back

March marked my 15th year with I started training in December 1998 and went live on the site, then called The Mining Company, on March 4, 1999.

Looking Forward

I am still here at I am happy to report that many exciting design changes are in the works (finally, right?!). I am most excited about photos. Large, beautiful photos. Changes are rolling out over the next few months. Some are already in place, like the new home page at

I plan on doing more “behind the scenes” veterinary clinical photos in the coming year. Anything you would like to see? Please post a comment.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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Everyday Superhero

The day after a day blizzard, Quincy finds his true calling.


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